Using Credit Card Processing with Fraud protection

At TD Botanicals, we make sure your information is “Safe” when ordering. In doing so, we have Fraud protection, which ask only a few questions (3-4 short questions, takes 1- minute to fill out, on average) when checking out, with our credit card processor. We use a “proven” trust worthy processor & protector, that only certain companies can use, through strict guidelines our company qualified for.

Our checkout system, will guide you straight through the process. Once you have made an account with our credit card processor/protector ” Only takes 1-minute, on average” you can proceed to checkout. very easy.

After your first completed order, you will be in the protected database. Returning, to make your second order, your checkout will be the same as a normal credit card process

( if you have moved with in the last 6-months) the processor wont allow the order to complete. Please use our E-Checking or contact us to use other payment options. thank you!)

If you have any problems or questions, email us at

other payment methods

-“E-checking”, on the website

-“Cashapp”, offsite ordering, message us to use this payment method ” “

-“Venmo”, off site ordering, message us to use this payment method ” “