Premium Barr Capsules


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((Premium Barr Kratom Capsules)) ( 8.5/10 Energy, 8.5/10 Mood Enhancement, 6.5/10 Pain Relief )This a “Rare & Premium” strain. another Personal favorite! Checkout/ Click on “Kratom Effects: Kratom for Beginners” to find out the differences between each strain! I believe its a Big Brother to White Maeng Da, in its on way. Premium Barr, is without steams & veins using only a fan to dry for 3 days in the sunlight. The leaf is from KalBar region of, Kalimantan. Very Fresh, Amazingly Strong. Plus a Free Sample with a 112 Capsules purchase or Larger.


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224 Capsules (1/4 Pound), 112 Capsules (2 oz), 56 Capsules (1oz)


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