Mighty Red Capsules


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(( Premium Mighty Red Kratom Capsules)) ( 9/10 Pain Relief, 9/10 Mood Enhancement, 8.5/10 Anti-Depression, 6.5/10 Energy) with a very high mitragynine/alkaloid content, This Red Vein, Maeng Da has become one of the most sought-after strains. The “Mighty Red” is 65% Red Thai and 35% Pure Red Maeng Da, for which results in an interesting alkaloid profile compared to typical Red Maeng Da. Checkout/ Click on “Kratom Effects: Kratom for Beginners” to discover the differences of each kratom Strain! Comes from the “Oldest Tress” and is completed in the process indoors using a temperature specific, dark indoor, drying process which is suggested to optimize mitragynine, creating the “Best” Kratom you can find! This is one of my “Personal” Favorites. Plus a Free Sample with a 112 capsule purchase or Larger.


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224 Capsules (1/4 Pound), 112 Capsules (2 oz), 56 Capsules (1oz)

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  1. Samatha D

    The Mighty Red, is the best Red Strain I’ve ever had in 5yrs of using kratom..I’m on the go a lot and sometimes i don’t have time for the powder..so glad you guys have capsules now! Thank you, TD Botanicals! #Lifetime Member

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