Dark Chocolate Capsules


(( Dark Chocolate Kratom Capsules)) (9.0/10 Pain Relief, 8/10 Mood Enhancement, 5/10 Energy) Dark Chocolate is a Deep Red Strain Checkout/ Click on “Kratom Effects: Kratom for Beginners” to know the differences in each strain! A sister too, Red Kong and is the leaf of Red Kong lightly toasted. Used to be known as “Golden Brown” however, the provider continued to make it darker with each batch. This is the Darkest Kratom I’ve ever seen, and is a must if you like Red Strain, as this is a one of a kind strain. Plus a Free Sample with a 112 capsules purchase or Larger.






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224 Capsules (1/4 Pound), 112 Capsules (2 oz), 56 Capsules (1oz)


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