Customer Testimonials

Premium Barr & Mighty Red-These Strains are fantastic for my Restless Leg Syndrome, it lets me sleep peacefully all night. Great stuff! -Clifford H.

Very Good. This Isn’t store brands. You can actually tell that you took something and instantly feel the pain relief in a few minutes! Careful with this stuff, it is definitely top quality. – Kevin G

The Mighty red, Green maeng Da and Red bali changed my life for my chronic back pain. I wish I would have found this site earlier in my life. really good stuff for all natural, no need for my meds anymore.-Molly S.

I have severe stress & anxiety. Green maeng da, made me relax, my mind wasn’t focused on every detail and going 1000 miles per hour. The first time I noticed a big difference, over time I’ve began to handle situations a lot better thanks too, Td Botanicals, thank you. -Mark w.

. As a 5yr user of kratom, I’m very impressed, ordered the Mighty Red, Green Maeng Da, Bali, Drive and Red Dragon. Mighty red was the most potent Red strain experienced thus far. By far, better than average kratom. Will be a returning customer, I look forward to your new brands. – Susan K.