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Kratom Effects: Kratom for Beginners

The Effects of Kratom

First off, by popular opinion, different strains have different Kratom effects. Such as White, Gold, Red & Green Strain– Mostly provide the strongest characteristics in Stress, Anxiety, Sleep. Many say an overall calmness blankets their body with a positive mood, thoughts as well with a comfortable sense of clarity, where ones thoughts are no longer clouded by Stress, Anxiety & Depression. Some Green Strains can be quite Euphoric as well.

Green Strain

  • Promotes Deep Sleep
  • Great alternative for Stress Relief
  • Strong Anti-Anxiety Relief
  • Promotes Positive Mood
  • Some Euphoric Properties

White Strain– Are for the “Early Birds” who need that extra kick in the mornings, such as, a strong coffee. White Strains are the go-to for High Amounts of Physical & Mental Energy. Very Uplifting, Energizing with Extra Strength focus. However, White Strains can elevate minor Pains at higher doses. One of the most prominent factors in White Strains, or in particular “White Maeng Da” as side from being the most stimulating of strains, can also be one of the Strongest Mood Enhancing in the Kratom family. White Strains are widely known for their overall Sense of Well-Being & Positivity.

White Strain

  • Promotes Positive Mood, Very uplifting
  • Very Energizing, Physically & Mentally
  • Extra Strength Focus
  • Alternative for Minor Pain
  • Euphoric Properties

Red Strain– Are known for their alternative properties used to combat Chronic or Minor Pain, as well as being a great Anti-Inflammatory, for Joints & Muscles. Many also have described a weight being lifted in Depression and Anxiety at lower dosages. With its Anti-Inflammatory properties many have talked about an increase in Energy afterwards.

Red Strain

  • Alternative for Chronic or Minor Pain
  • Anti-Inflammatory Properties
  • Alternative for Depression & Anxiety
  • Increase in Energy

Gold Strain- Are a mixture of White & Red Strains. Some people like a little bit of both properties of each strain in their general day with confident results. Checkout this page for more info!

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